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No. 96 Renmin Road, Huangbu Town, 
Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, 
Jiangsu Province, China


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Suzhou wanshengyi metal locks co.,ltd specializes in high-grade metal lock products; Main products are fire locks, magnetic locks, wooden door locks, blade locks, door-shift locks, channel locks,theft-proof door locks, brass padlock, as well as those hardware products such as cylinder,door or window handle, bolt, hinge. Group has the license to import and export, products are sold in six continents and more than 80 countries and regions.
Group is close to Suzhou New District exit of Shanghai and Nanjing Expressway, traffic is very convenient. After struggling and experiencing for twenty years in market, Group has development to 80,000 square meters of production base, has both a professional team of thousands people. We have R&D .design, manufacture and quality control comprehensive ability, the size of the lock industry as well as considerable influence in east China.
In addition Group has a professional hardware, lock-production workshop (mold, stamping, casting, parts, polishing, paint, assembly), at the same time investment Suzhou Shengda Metal Locks Co.,ltd, Suzhou Wanshengyi Metal Locks Co.,ltd,Suzhou Innovation Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, Suzhou YongLiang Color Printing Co.,Ltd, Group owns the entire process from raw material to finished product testing equipment, finished the parts to complete one-stop
production to product packaging.